About MyFxBrokers

MyFxbrokers.com is an exceptional source of quality and up-to-date information related to various aspects of forex trading. Our source is a unique information hub and a gathering place for the world´s top forex brokers as well as active and knowledgeable traders.

The world’s leading forex traders provide real-time news and reviews, and any registered visitor can leave questions and comments regarding the performance of the listed brokers and communicate with other traders. Moreover, on MyFxbrokers.com any registered user is able to vote for or against five brokers of the listing within 24 hours. Our voting community determined which brokers have the best trading conditions and are most reliable and trustworthy. MyFxbrokers.com has been established in 2015 and since then we have compiled a massive amount of information, and this data is updated and appended on an ongoing basis. We take pride in our unbiased rating and objective and manifold information cluster.

MyFxBrokers standards of fairness

MyFxbrokers.com continuously works on the applied methodology of selecting, evaluating and rating forex brokers with due attention to the highly dynamic nature of the Forex market development. The top Forex brokers are named and ranked based on an analutical approach to a data array that includes numerous criteria of the brokers´ commercial activity. One of the key elements of objective assessment is the feedback from fx traders regarding their interaction with our site. The interactive system is an essential part of the ever-evolving online platform.

MyFxbrokers.com´s ranking system is more than simply a way to compare brokers´performance parameters to those of their competitors; it´s also an effective and useful tool for evaluating and selecting brokerage firms all over the world. Based on the information we provide on forex brokerages, the traders and potential investors can make a well-based choice of a forex company to deal with. Our independent system consists of open-source data, research findings and objective evaluations. MyFxbrokers.com does not employ the method of enforcing the choice of a forex broker to the site users; neither do we put words in the mouths of our site’s visitors or obtain an artificial increase of the ranking positions. The rating that we feature is valuable due to its fairness, and it is based on a transparent assessment of the logical criteria. Those that use our data in their forex market activities can expect solid financial performance and growth thanks to our operating standards.

When defining the best trading platform or the best forex broker on any particular day, our respondents are able to assign priorities explicitly. The users of our site´s community include both novices and experienced traders who publish reviews and comments about forex brokerages and dealing companies, as well as debate other elements of forex trading with one another. Each registered site user can cast up to 3 votes within 24 hours ‘for’ or ‘against’ any broker.

MyFxBrokers methodology

The evaluation system of MyFxBrokers is based on the results of the site’s visitors’ voting: the results can be taken for any period of interest

(day/month/year). The listing participants are ranked according to the actual number of positive and negative votes expressed as a percentage. Remarkably, on the first day of every month, all the voting figures are reset and voting begins afresh, ensuring that all rating participants have equal rights in their quest for the top.

At the beginning of every new month, our experts publish an analysis of the top forex brokers' performance of the previous months, highlighting the factors for the strong or poor performance of the listed brokers. Our visitors can search up statistics data from prior periods at any moment and watch any broker´s market behavior over a specific timeframe. The methodological concept implies comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the brokers’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and advantages they provide, as well as the market risks that traders are likely to experience while working with this or that broker.


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