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  • by Smriti Mathur
  • Sep 14, 2022
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 Know all in detail about Amazon earnings! 

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We all know what Amazon is right? We have bought material from this very website at some point in our lives and it is amongst one of the best online shopping platforms today. We know how amazon frequently brings lots and lots of offers to the table and all in all we do enjoy buying, but is the situation the same behind your eyes too?

Before getting there let us first talk about the change that we could see in the graph of people shifting from offline shopping to online one is just drastic. Even before the pandemic, Amazon was a go to platform for every purchase and post pandemic also, it has proven to be very very beneficial in its job. We will talk about the earnings of Amazon here in this article. Keep reading to know the picture on a wider frame!


Amazon Earning - What reasons led to this point?

Amazon reported a massive growth in revenue and turnover in the last two years especially because of the sudden shift of offline shopping to online shopping. The corona pandemic has had a serious impact on everyone's lives.


During the pandemic, it was not physically possible for everyone to step out of their houses and buy stuff so they tended to buy things online which was initially not available but when it came back into effect, it made people so comfortable that they continued to buy things online. That is how it was a sudden growth at a point of time. 

Amazon also brings alot of offerings and delivery help and stuff to customers and obviously any buyer or customers will take the advantage of the online offerings and make huge purchases but it is also very important to mention that the company's revenue growth is now going backwards i.e decelerating dramatically.  It is happening due to a slowing economy  and an overbuilt fulfillment network that's squeezing profits. Also, the company is said to be in high pressure due to inflation and ongoing legal actions by antitrust regulators.




Before jumping on to its impact on amazon earnings, let us first see what is the actual meaning of the term 'inflation'. Inflation is nothing but the general rise in prices or the rate at which the prices rise.


In this developing economy, inflation has become a common but one of the most impactful and a big social and financial cause. Everyone works hard and tries to save money because of the fact that things are very very expensive these days. It is all happening due to inflation.


In economic terms, when the general price level rises , each unit of currency buys less of goods and services. Consequently, it is directly proportional to reduction in purchasing power of money. Now is the main part, how inflation has impacted the earnings of Amazon.


Amazon has reported its second quarter earnings the previous Thursday and analysts are now trying to keep a close eye on how 'inflation' in itself is impacting the company's overall growth.

Revenue is expected at $119 billion, up 5% year-over-year, with earnings per share of $0.14, down from $15.12.

The CEO of amazon cited that inflation is one of the main causes behind the decline in revenue of the company in its first quarter and even in more than two decades. The sheer magnitude of inflation in the second quarter has led to low customer spending on products and has brought the graph downwards.

Let us now see amazon with the eyes of 'SHARES'.  Shares are the right hand of the company. The bigger the company the bigger is the share game. And we know amazon plays on a very very big platform . So you can expect the huge share game of amazon.


This is very obvious that when we say the company's overall growth is declining , shares are also suffering a downfall.  It has been reported that shares fell more than 10 percent followed by the earnings in the quarter.


It is also expected that it will keep going like it is now due to macroeconomic challenges. But it is also predicted that amazon would still manage to gain shares in a recessionary environment due to the best-provided factors, fast delivery, wide range of products and low to budgetary prices.


Amazon earnings



It is now reported that COMPANY'S CLOUD BUSINESS, AMAZON WEB SERVICES, to provide a boost.


After the company noticed a good amount of downfall on its overall growth and how negatively certain things have impacted and made the pace of growth very slow, the company has worked harder and harder on its cloud business and the very famous but very peculiar, AMAZON WEB SERVICES.  We will discuss both the terms now and will see how it is expected to bring the array to the positive side.


  1. The company's cloud business is just a substitute for Amazon that enables you to select the operating system,programming language, IT department,database and other services that you need. How it can be beneficial for the company is it allows you a virtual environment that lets you operate and load the software and services required by your application.  It is a compact of several benefits and can help in amazon's earnings in a positive way. It is easy to access,flexible, cost-effective and reliable.
  2. AWS launched in 2006 from the internal infrastructure that Amazon.com built to handle its online retail operations. AWS was found to be one of the first companies that introduced a theory of 'pay-as-you-go' that allows users to compute and store or throughput as required. It offers many new tools and various solutions for software developers that can be data centers in up to 190 countries. Even government agencies and the educational sector can also access AWS services. It is separated into different services and in different ways, all depending on the user's needs.


AMAZON EARNINGS HISTORY: Changes in the past v/s now

Amazon has recorded a strong growth in the history and has posted a good EPS growth in recent years, rising 81.7 percent in FY 2020 and 53.2 percent in FY 2021. Earnings declined in only two of the last nine quarters. However, Amazon's strong EPS growth is found to be sharply reversing the situation from the last quarter.

The company posted a loss of $0.39 per share for quarter 1 FY 2022 and it was the first time Amazon has seen a quarterly loss in several years. It is not yet predicted if the company will suffer from the same kind of loss in quarter 2, FY 2022, they nonetheless expect a drastic decline in EPS.


Mentioned above, mentioning it again, the company's earnings started to decline in only two of the last nine decades. To prove this fact, in quarter 2 FY 2018, the company reported a 39.3 percent YOY revenue gain. This came down to 19.9 percent for quarter 2 FY 2019 before increasing again to 40.2 percent in quarter 2 FY 2022. In 2021, it came to as high as 43.8 percent YOY in first quarter 2021, but then was the time it came down to less than 8 percent YOY in quarter 1 2022. It is to expect that it will continue to decelerate in the second quarter as well FY 2022 to not more than 6 percent.



We have seen some noticeable changes in overall amazon earnings. Some more information related to this is given below. 1

  1. Amazon's core e-business has and continues to suffer as online sales are no longer providing benefits as they were at the height of covid-19 shut down.
  2. The company's online store segment, which is the primary propaganda of amazon, has declined 4 percent over the past few years.
  3. Amazon recorded a $3.9 billion loss on its Rivian investment after shares of the electric vehicle maker plunged 49% in the second quarter.
  4. The total loss recorded was $11.5 billion in investment this year.


Since we are talking about some very financial and commercial terms, let us have a look at some of the frequently asked questions to clear more of what we are discussing.


Some FAQs related to Amazon earnings.

Question 1: What are Amazon's financials?

Answer 1: since we are talking about amazon's financial status, we have noticed a decline in the status. Operating cash flow has decreased approx 41 percent to $39.3 billion.



Amazon.com, Inc. reported earnings results for the second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2022. For the second quarter, the company reported revenue was USD 121,234 million compared to USD 113,080 million a year ago.

Basic loss per share from continuing operations was USD 0.2 compared to basic earnings per share from continuing operations of USD 0.77 a year ago. Net loss was USD 5,872 million compared to net income of USD 15,885 million a year ago. Diluted loss per share from continuing operations was USD 0.58 compared to diluted earnings per share from continuing operations of USD 1.55 a year ago.


Question 2: What is expected from Amazon earnings for this year? (2022)

Answer 2: Amazon Web Services revenue is expected to rise, but at a slower rate compared to the past five quarters.

  • Company-wide revenue is expected to rise but at a slightly slow pace compared to other years
  • It may enjoy an overall rise due to the offerings and good combinations but the pace is going to be slow because of previous years.
  • The focus is more on cloud companies and amazon web series so there may be a very good increment in these two. Earlier also these two categories were found to be super successful and everyone is wishing for the same in the near future as well.
  • AWS does comprise a small share of amazon's overall revenue, but it manages to generate a substantial portion of the company's operating income.
  •  It is predicted that AWS revenue will grow at a much faster rate as compared to the overall revenue of the company
  • The stock market has also lagged behind in the previous year and it will take time to catch the pace.


Question 3: What was the main reason behind the company's revenue structure?

Answer 3: As discussed in the whole article, we have seen how the company went through ups and downs. We have also noticed that things were very very different pre and post-pandemic. How it has impacted the overall growth of the company as compared to other platforms in the same category is quite drastic.

But to be exact the main reason was obviously the inflation followed by the pandemic. The pandemic in general also has worked quite drastically in every sector and was very successful in bringing losses to every group of the working sector including Amazon. The stock market also has lagged behind and fell down with a great great pace. The stock market is the right hand of every company and when it feels, it brings huge losses with it.



So, this brings us to the end of the article and we have deeply discussed a lot of things in this one. It was quite a commercial one and comes with a lot of technicalities. We saw how amazon went through a lot of ups and downs and bear losses and decrement in overall turnovers and revenues. Amazon needs to be appreciated for working very very well on some sub-sectors like amazon web series and amazon cloud company. Those two steps were actually different and have brought life to the company's financial status because there were a lot of factors that have brought the revenue system down.


Amazon's earnings overall still need a lot of work on its own but it is expected to grow and rise in upcoming years. Having said that, it is also important to mention how amazon was successful at times in providing everything we needed and also the offerings that it came up with!