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  • by Sophie Robinson
  • Sep 20, 2022
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XTB Review: Regulation, Commissions and Fees


XTB Review

XTB is one of the leading international forex brokers in online trading. It is unique in having 5 financial regulators and keeping user funds in segregated accounts.

XTB was founded in 2002, its brand acronym stands for X-Trade Brokers. The company is registered and headquartered in Belize. Brokerage services are provided through the official web portal www.xtb.com. The main feature is the availability of certificates from five regulatory bodies, including FCA, IFSC, CNMV, CMB, and KNF.

The firm has opened subsidiaries in Spain, Poland, Germany, France, the UK, and other countries. The company´s activities are mainly focused on working with European investors.


Pros and Cons

As with all online trading platforms, there are some very good things and some not-so-good things. It is therefore also very important that users are fully aware of the positives and negatives of XTB.



  • You can invest in Forex, cryptocurrency CFDs and other assets, which have significant advantages for users.
  • Regulated broker with strict regulations, which derive a broker to invest safely. Competitive spreads.
  • Choice of trading platforms.
  • Large portfolio of financial instruments.
  • Useful educational material to help beginners as well as advanced levels STP environment available.
  • It has the regulation and endorsement of security bodies.
  • It is a company of high international prestige.
  • Allows trading from a demo account.
  • No minimum deposit is required to start trading.



  • Withdrawal commission.
  • Low maximum leverage.
  • No Islamic accounts.


Is XTB a scam or a safe broker? Regulations

 XTB broker Regulation

Nowadays, there are many brokers in the trading world, so it is quite normal that the question arises whether XTB is related to online trading scams. The answer to this question is that XTB is the leading forex broker in Central and Eastern Europe.

It offers online trading of more than 1,500 instruments, including currencies, stocks, indices, exchange-traded funds, ETFs on 2 trading platforms and commodities.

XTB has a solid reputation and extremely strict regulatory guidelines, offering secure trading with a high level of protection.

Here the security of funds is paramount so that all client money is kept in segregated accounts at all times. With all of the above, it is very difficult for a broker with these features and controls to be linked to fraud or scams.

XTB is authorised and regulated by the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom, and for Latin America, it operates through XTB International Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the IFSC, which stands for International Financial Services Commission of Belize, with licence number IFSC/60/413/TS/17.


Commissions and Fees

XTB broker Commisions and Fees

Since we know that the broker is not a scam at all, what needs to be analysed are the commissions or fees, as this aspect is very important for traders. Generally speaking, XTB does not charge any commissions for trading, but rather the main expense for the p3erson investing, known as the investor, is through spreads.

XTB has recently launched its commission-free spot share offer. XTB does not charge commissions for buying or selling shares as long as your volume does not exceed 100.000€ per month. If you exceed this amount, the rest of the invested capital will be charged a commission of 0.02% with a minimum of 10€.

However, there is a commission of 0.12% of the amount of each of the transactions made in CFDs on shares and indices.

As we can see, these commissions are not high, so we are going to make special mention of the spreads, which is where the investor can lose the most money. These spreads depend on the type of account you have.





Standard, Professional

Opening and closing of an AccountFree of charge
Monthly Fee for maintaining an AccountFree of charge or up to 10€
Commission for withdrawal of funds from the Cash Account in the amount lower than 100 EUR10€
Fee for preparation and sending of a daily report of operations conducted on the Client´s Account, in a paper form25€
Fee for preparation and sending of other reports, in particular monthly reports from the Client´s Account, or sending a paper version of the Regulations in case of its change.75€
Penalty interestStatutory penalty interest
Fee for transfer on Cash Accounts made via credit or debit card




Fee for each case of preparation and sending daily reports/confirmations on the execution of orders in paper form50€ daily + 0,3€ for each page + a fee in the amount of courier delivery costs for each case of preparation and sending daily report on the execution of orders
Fee for repeated, each case of preparation and sending key information documents about XTB Financial instruments in a paper form50€ daily + 0,3€ for each page + a fee in the amount of courier delivery costs for each case of preparation and sending key information documents about
Fee for each preparation and sending of a statement of stored Financial Instruments and cash or information about costs and fees paid in paper form50€ daily + 0,3€ for each page + a fee in the amount of courier delivery costs for each preparation and sending of a statement of stored Financial Instruments and cash or information about costs and fees paid
Value of interests on Clients´ funds due to XTB in accordance with point 4.20 of the GTCAverage annual interests rate is between 0% and 2%
Commission for a transaction on PROFESSIONAL Account - for opening and closing

3,5 EUR for 1 lot

Excluding Stock CFD, ETF CFD, and crypto-currencies


Reporting Service governed by the Terms and conditions of the service of delegating XTB Limited by a Client being a Financial Counterparty or a Non-financial Counterparty plus


Free of charge

Commission for aq transaction on PROFESSIONAL Account - for opening and closing

Commission for transaction on CFDs based on crypto-currencies for the volume of


RIPPLE3,5 EUR10000


Commission deducted from the turnover on the following instruments: ITA.40, ITA.40., ITA.40., ITA.40+ and ITA40. cash

Fixed fee related to notional transaction value, according to the below table:


Transaction valueFee
0-2,500 EUR0,25 EUR
2,500-5,000 EUR0,5 EUR
5,000 - 10,000 EUR1 EUR
10,000 - 50,000 EUR5 EUR
50,000 - 100,000 EUR10 EUR
100,000 - 500,000 EUR50 EUR
500,000 - 1,000,000 EUR100 EUR
Over 1,000,000 EUR200 EUR


Source: www.xtb.com 



Account types

 Account types XTB broker

Account Type



Trading terminalMetaTrader4, xStationMetaTrader4, xStation
Min. Deposit250$1000$
SpreadFixed (from 0.35 pips)market -based (от 0,28 pips)
Max. leverageUp to 1:200Up to 1:200
Financial assetsForex, Indices, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Stocks, ETFsForex, Indices, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Stocks, ETFs
Min. lot0,010,01
Order execution typeMarket ExecutionMarket Execution
Quoting4 digits after the decimal point4 digits after the decimal point
Margin Call Level30%30%
Stop Out Level30%30%


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Trading platform

XTB offers two trading platforms: xStation 5 and more traditional MT4, from which you can trade forex, indices, commodities, equity CFDs, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.