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  • by Smriti Mathur
  • Aug 15, 2022
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Cardinal's $4.4 Million Investment, Tesla's Bitcoin Profits, Ripple's FOMO Share Partnership in 3 mins


Important: Dear Myfxbrokers community, from now on we will be sharing our crypto news slightly differently to improve your reading experience. You’ll be able to read all crypto highlights on one page together with your coffee. Have a pleasant reading.



  • Kardinal, a Solana-based infrastructure protocol aimed at improving the use of NFTs, announced that it has raised $4.4 million in a seed funding round.
  • Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, recently announced its second quarter reports for 2022. Tesla announced that it made a total profit of $ 64 million from the sale of Bitcoin.
  • Ripple announced that it has signed a partnership with FOMO Pay, one of Singapore's leading payment institutions.



Weekly Crypto News

Weekly Crypto news


- Launch House launched its first fund, House Capital, with $10 million with a commitment to invest in early-stage companies within its community and external high-growth startups. The mutual fund in question will be Web3-focused.


- The Sandbox team announced that they have partnered with Gravity, a global gaming company. The statement was made on The Sandbox's official Twitter account.


- The WhaleStats data platform, which focuses on the top 500 wallets on various chains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, shared that an Ethereum whale named “BlueWhale0159” bought a large amount of Shiba Inu.


-Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, stated that they are open to new spending to support struggling crypto companies.


- According to media reports, cryptocurrency exchange FTX has taken action to purchase Bithumb, one of South Korea's giant stock exchanges.


- France's ongoing regulations regarding crypto advertising have forced several Formula 1 team to hide or remove stickers featuring crypto-related brands at the French Grand Prix on July 24.


- WOOFi announced on Thursday, July 21, 2022, that it has stepped into the world of NFT with the long-awaited Polygon Adventurer campaign.


NFT highlights

 NFT higlights

- The company, which recently developed the Coinbase Wallet product with the new partnership, has recently announced a feature for the popular NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible. 

- LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman announced a Solana-based NFT project created with images he created using OpenAI powered DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence software.



The most important DeFi highlights

 Defi Highlights

- Curve Finance founder Michael Egorov allegedly said they were considering the possibility of a stablecoin at the Redefine Tomorrow event.

- Hubble hosts a #Solana protocol to discuss a Solana DeFi topic weekly with its new series, Defi Deep Dive.


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